At Cognii, our mission is to improve the quality and affordability of education with the help of advanced technologies. We are bringing the benefits of the most advanced technologies to the education ecosystem. Cognii helps students learn better, teachers improve productivity, and organizations lower the cost of delivering scalable engaging education.

Cognii is the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence(AI) based educational technology for interactive learning and assessment. Cognii's virtual assistant uses powerful Natural Language Processing technology to engage students in a virtual tutoring conversation that guides them towards competency mastery. Cognii provides instant automatic assessment of students' open-response answers along with a qualitative feedback that is ideal for formative assessment. Cognii's adaptive personalized learning technology is grounded in the best pedagogy and cognitive science research validated by academic and industry partners. As education moves online and new learning standards are being implemented, assessment and engagement are the biggest challenges to providing a scalable high quality learning experience without increasing the burden on human instructors. Today, Cognii is helping students across the US in K-12, higher education and corporate training markets.


Cognii Wins the 2016 EdTech Innovation of the Year Award

Cognii Wins the Best Learning Assessment Innovation Award