We are pleased to introduce the Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant - the first virtual assistant designed exclusively for education and training market.

Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant

Cognii's Virtual Learning Assistant uses powerful natural language processing technology to provide instant assessment of students' open-response answers, along with qualitative feedback. It acts as "Siri for Education" by engaging students in adaptive tutoring conversations and helping them master concepts and solve problems.

Cognii supports inquiry-based learning and facilitates implementation of Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. Students can learn any topic, anytime, anywhere with the help of Cognii's interactive formative assessment.

Key features and benefits of Cognii:

  • Instant assessment of open-response answers

  • Evaluates conceptual understanding

  • Highly scalable and easy to integrate

  • Significant cost savings

  • Available for K-12, Higher Ed and Corporate Training markets

By applying the most advanced cognitive technology to the pedagogical best practice of one-to-one tutoring, Cognii has demonstrated human-level performance in educational assessment and is enhancing many teachers' productivity. Today, students across the U.S. are benefitting from Cognii's Virtual Learning Assistant and are finding it highly satisfactory:

"I was happy to know exactly where I went wrong. Cognii's guidance led me in the right direction."
- A student from Bunker Hill Community College

Download the Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant PDF flyer